Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Trip to Idaho

Yesterday my family and I left to visit my brother in Idaho. We left at about 10:00pm and drove through the night. The total travel time is about 12 hrs, what with all the rest stops and fueling stops and traffic stops... yeah I got pulled over by an Idaho State Patrol officer about 15 minutes away from my brother's house. I was trying to catch up to my dad who had rocketed away from our two car caravan a little while earlier. The cop got me at 85 in a 75, so only 10 over. It could have been worse, since a little earlier I had been up to 90+. Anyway, the guy came out of no where and came flying up the freeway behind me. As soon as
I saw the flashing lights in the distance behind me, I knew that he'd got me, so I started to pull over. I had just caught up to my dad too, (who incidentally sped off and left me to the sharks), which was extra frustrating. Anyway, the cop was nice, I was nice (Rachel wondered why, and I was like, "The guy is just doing his job... give him a break") and I drove away with a $75 speeding ticket. Pretty cheap if you ask me. So here we are at my brother's house, and I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where does the Time go?

Does anyone know? Because I sure don't have a clue. My last post was something like a month ago, and I didn't even realize it....
Right now Ammon and I are eating breakfast. He is eating his very healthy breakfast of OJ, Eggo waffles, pear-flavored applesauce, and string cheese. He just like variety I suppose. The only problem is that whenever I'm not looking, he starts to dump his juice out of the sippy cup all over his tray and it makes such a big mess... I on the other hand am eating Cookie Crisp cereal. It is also a healthy breakfast, because it tastes like chocolate chip cookies... and it is fortified with at least a thousand vitamins, so you know it's good for you.
Now Ammon is throwing his breakfast on the floor (as he usually does when he is done) so I have to get him out before he makes too big a mess!