Monday, June 29, 2009


I am sorry that I haven't been better about blogging this year. I always seem to have other stuff to do and none of it involves being on the computer lately. For instance, right now I have both kids awake; one of them is eating in another room and the other one is crawling around the house. I have all the bathroom doors locked and the kitchen closed off, so he can't get into too much trouble. But I just had to get on and write about this important event in my life. For a while now, Rachel and I have been thinking about moving. We both like the house we live in, but it is getting small for a family of four, at least in our opinion. So we have been looking at different options and trying to decide whether or not to buy a lot and build a house or try to find a house that we would be comfortable with. We have considered moving back to Maple Valley to be closer to Rachel's work, but neither of us really want to do that. We both want our own space if you know what I mean. Both sets of parents currently live there and trying to keep up with both sets and still maintain our own identities can be a little difficult at times. Anyway, we really like living a little ways away from family. Close enough to visit but far enough away to have our own lives (If my mom reads this, no offense). We appreciate all that our families do for us and now more than ever: Rachel and I are the proud new owners of a large buildable lot on a lake here in Federal Way. It puts us about 15 minutes closer to both of our places of employment, it is a great area, close to everything and even better, it has all of the utilities in the street. The lot is big enough that we will never have any neighbors looking in our windows from their windows, the lake is small enough that it doesn't allow gas powered engines, but big enough to swim and fish and have fun on. My dad said it best: It's not a muck pond. Anyway, we are very excited and now the next step is to get our current house on the market, then we have to find a builder that we feel comfortable with, choose a plan to build, get our feasibility study done, find financing for the actual build, get permits, sell our current house, move out of said house, find somewhere to live in the meantime, build a house on our lot, rent a portapotty, and a bunch of other stuff. It's gonna be intense, like cubscouts on a campout. Intense.