Monday, November 23, 2009

Living at Papa's

In my last post, I mentioned that we sold our house, and were by definition homeless. Well it is not entirely true. We are not living on the street, or in a shelter or even in a tent on our property. We have been taken in by my grandfather, who lives alone in his home on Lake Washington in Bellevue. Rachel and I both really enjoy it here, as we have had the chance to get to know Papa a little better, ad have our kids get to know him period. It's kind of hard for the generations to come together sometimes, especially when we only see each other on Sunday and the holidays Papa is in town. He often travels between Witchita and here for extended periods of time. In fact, he will be leaving in a few weeks, and then we will have the whole house to ourselves. But while we have been here together, Papa has been very accommodating. Rachel and I have our own bedroom and bathroom, the kids have a room that they share, the formal living room has been turned into the kids play area, ect. Our family has sort of come in and occupied the space in this house that Papa wasn't using. It has been nice.

Friday, November 13, 2009


My family and I are oficially homeless starting today, as of about an hour ago (9am). We finished packing up all of our stuff last night and slept at my mom's house so that way there was nothing that we needed to take care of as far as the house went this morning. The buyers were supposed to come over and take possession of the house at 5064 38th ST NE Tacoma WA 98422 (I'm posting the address now since I don't live there anymore) at 9am this morning and we didn't want to meet the people invading our sanctuary on our way out. It was kind of sad being the last one out, and shutting the door for the last time. After all, we lived there for almost 6 years, we had both of our children in that house, there were several improvements we made to the place to make it more livable for us. There is a lot of our blood sweat and tears in that building and the land underneath it. But it's on to bigger and better things now, since we have a big piece of lakefront property to build our new house on. There will be more blood sweat and tears poured into the new place than there ever was in the old house. I just hope I didn't forget anything...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Packing the House

We are in the middle of packing our house now. I still have trouble understanding how much crap we have to pack up. There is a ton of stuff. We got ourselves a larger storage unit a few months ago whe we were getting ready to put our house on the market. It was twice the size of the old one, and now it too is almost full. I'm going to have to go there are rearrange everything so we can fit more stuff in it. I keep bringing home boxes from work that I find on my routes to put stuff in and there seems like a never ending stream of stuff going into them, but we never seem to make a dent in the house. It is crazy. I spent about three hours packing up my shop today, getting everything into boxes and containers, and I bet I could spend another three just in there. Then I have to do the garage, where all of my Volkswagen stuff is...
This next week is going to be crazy. We have to be out of our house on Friday the 13th if that helps you understand...