Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so I'm running a little behind.

Today is Wednesday, and I still have about half of my week's vacation left. We have spent the last couple of days here in Seaside, OR and it has been really nice. There hasn't been many exciting things that I need to talk about, mostly it has been nice just relaxing away from home and all of the responsibilities that entails. But we are staying at the Resort at Seaside, which is part of the timeshare that my parents have. It's pretty nice, the suite we have has two bedrooms, a balcony (we are on the 8th floor, which is also the top floor) with a gas BBQ, a TV in each bedroom and one in the living room area. It also has a full kitchen and two full bathrooms, and a gas fireplace. Nice. The Resort is right on the beach, and the beach is great. The water is cold, so we haven't been swimming in the ocean yet, but there is a heated swimming pool that Rachel has taken advantage of. I am pretty happy with everything so far. Except for the fact that at 8am the roofers came and started working on the roof right above our suite. Not cool.
Seaside itself is a nice place. There is a something for almost everyone. Quaint little shops, big chain grocery stores, fancy little restaurants, an outlet mall for the bargain shoppers, the beach with its miles of sandy beaches (no rocks on the beach that I could see anywhere, just sand). Last night as the sun set over the ocean, I saw a flash of green just before the sun went down completely. I thought it was pretty neat, as I had never seen it before. We also went to the local aquarium, it is the oldest one on the entire west coast. It isn't a very big one, the Seattle Aquarium is probably four or five times larger. I paid my $7.50 to get in, and went into the first room. The had a tide pool tank where you could touch starfish and anemones and crabs. They had a few small tanks with sea pens and small fish. Then there were a few bigger tanks with octopi and eels and stuff. So we walked around the first room and saw what there was to see, and then I went looking for the next room, but there wasn't one. Just the one room, and that was it. Then on our way out we saw the sea lions. This aquarium had a sea lion family that did tricks for food. They clap and splash and bark to get your attention, because for a dollar you can get some cut up chum and feed them. Pretty funny. I got some good pics of Ammon over the rail throwing food at them. But I have to go now, Rachel is getting impatient. She wants to go do something so off we go.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Sorry

I really wish that President Obama would stop apologizing to the rest of the world for me. I am not embarrassed by my country or anything that we have done in the recent past. Except for the part about electing an extreme leftist Democrat to the Presidency...There, I got it out of my system. Thank you.