Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Years!

Yesterday Rachel and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! It has been a great ride so far, with infinitely many more ups than downs. We spent two nights in Seattle at the Warwick hotel and just had a good time wandering and shopping and eating. And other stuff. My mom took the kids so that we could spend the kind of time we don't usually get to spend together, what with Rachel's crazy new work schedule (she is now the customer service manager at the bank) and my school and odd work schedule. That and we have two rambunctious boys that keep trying to kill themselves as they chase each other. It was good to get out and just spend a little quality time with my BFF/wife. She said that she would marry me all over again, so you know she still loves me! And I love her.
We got to the hotel Tuesday night cause Rachel was working during her vacation. Apparently she was the only one who could interview prospective employees and that took most of the day. So we got to Seattle at 7:30 or so, and went down to eat at the hotel restaurant, the Bra Margo or something. It was a french name and it sounded like bras to me. Anyway, we ate there and after went to the market across the street just cause we were bored. Then we went and crashed in our room. The next day was spent walking and shopping and eating, not all at the same time. We also saw HP7.5 which was ok, but I didn't like how they changed the story at the end, before 19 years later. And they didn't age them very well for that last part by the way. Anyway, we were going to go eat at the Space Needle, but we had to wait till 9:45, and we didn't make it, what with the movie and the waling and all, so we ate at the Cheesecake Factory instead. I was happy with that #1 cause it was less expensive, and #2 cause I didn't have to dress up in a suit and tie. Then this morning we checked out and drove down to the market, because you have to do that if you ever go to Seattle for fun. If you don't, you are a fail. We had a great time overall.