Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Just Feel Like I Have to Post Something

I don't know what to post about tonight. I probably could post about cleaning up the garage today and all the cool tools that I found under the mess. I could post about feeding the ducks in the lake waffles that I made yesterday and how they come right up and eat out of your hand if you don't scare them off. I could write about problems Rachel's friends are having, but that would take all night and I don't want to do that, except to say that I'm glad Rachel and I are not having those problems and that we are generally happy with our marriage. I could talk about the new blu-ray drive I got for my computer and how nice it is to be able to back up 25gb worth of pics and video all at once and not have to worry about them getting lost in a hard drive crashes. I could also mention that I finally got Rachel's karaoke stuff squared away and what a painus in the anus that was, but at least she can make her own karaoke cds and do her recording.

I could talk about all that stuff, but I don't want to.