Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Suggestions please

Rachel and I are currently trying to figure out what kinds of things/rooms/areas to put in our home. I think that we have decided to go with a custom builder and have them help us design a house for us. We would like to keep it at around 2500 sqft, so no we will not be putting in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. But if you could think about your house, and the things you like about it (or don't like for that matter) some creative input would be much appreciated. We've got some of our own ideas, but there are always better more interesting creative ways to do stuff.
Here are the basics as far as rooms go:
Kitchen, Family room, nook off kitchen (for eating), 3beds+master, 2.5 baths, mudroom, 3 car garage, library/den/study, Laundry/craft room. I don't know if we want formal spaces like a traditional living room of dining room. In both our parents houses the don't seem to get used all that often.
But like I said, anything you like about your house or anything you really think we should leave out post it as a comment. It would really help us out!


Lately I have been playing this stupid game on Facebook. It is called Pirates: Rule the Caribbean or something stupid. I don't know what the draw is, but I can't stop at least checking in on it every day. I am like level 27 now I think and the game is not even really that amazing. I just think I need something else to do. If you want to be in my crew and help me out, you go right ahead. Go to my facebook page and add the app to your page, but don't blame me when youe spouse comes in and gets mad because you are wasting all of your time on a stupid game that really is a complete waste of time...