Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things to Catch Up On

Ok, since my last post i have done a few things that are worth mentioning. We went to Whistler BC this last week and had fun with Rachel's family. We didn't have to stay with them though, and that was fantastic. It's also worth mentioning that our cell phone service didn't work in Canadia. We are with Boost Mobile, and while they have fantastic service here in the states, up there.... not so much. Although Terry (Rachel's dad, and also a Boost Mobile customer) was able to receive text messages on his Blackberry, which I thought was odd. Not calls, just text messages. But we have phone cards, so any calls we needed to make were covered. That and I bought new walkie-talkies so we could stay in touch if we wanted to. Rachel took some ski lessons with her Aunt Judy and had fun doing that, we played in the snow with the kids, rented snow mobiles for a few hours, celebrated multiple birthdays and just generally had fun. Here are some pictures: