Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting Ready To Sell

This month we are getting ready to sell the house. We would like to put it on the market towards the middle-to-end-of May. I have a lot of little things to do here inside the house, like some painting and cleaning. The real estate agent came over on Wednesday and gave me a big long list of stuff to do. Also, I am supposed to figure out how to wire a light into the ceiling fan, because apparently there is not enough light in our family room for her taste. I don't know if that is going to be possible, and where would I put the switch? I don't know either... I also have to clean out the garage. She asked me what my plans for the bug were and I told her that it is staying right where it was until the day I move out of the house (unless I got it running before then, but that is unlikely). I think she got the idea because she didn't say another word about it. But Rachel has to tone down all of the knick-knacky junk that is all over the house. I think it is time for a yard sale! We don't actually have a lot of extra space in this house, but we are supposed to make it look like we do. We'll see how that works out. Oh, and the first thing the realtor said when she walked in was "We are going to have new carpet put in, right? This carpet is old and matted down, and it's finished." I said yes, but Rachel didn't want to commit to anything, because she didn't want to spend a lot of extra money. At least that was until my mom reminded her that she had second thoughts about the house before we bought it... BECAUSE of the carpet. So now it's not such a bad thing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pics of my new son Noah

Here are the scans of the pictures from the ultrasound. That sentence was a mouthful. Anyway, here they are. The first one is proof (for those that know how to read them) that it is a boy. The second is a picture of his profile, and the last of is a picture of his foot.

We also got some video of it. I see in the menu bar that I can add video, I wonder how long it will take to upload, seeing as how the video is like 30MB... I guess I can always let it run overnight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We Are Having Another Boy!

We just got back from the doctor a few minutes ago and I am pretty excited! We found out this morning that we are having another boy! We are going to name him Noah something. Well not Noah Something, but Noah and we don't know what the middle name is gonna be yet. If you have any suggestions you can post them as comments. We got video done at the doctors office of the ultrasound so maybe I'll post post it here or as a link to Youtube so everyone can see. I thought about getting a 3-d picture done, and they even offer a 4-d video (that's a video of the 3-d image, time being the fourth dimension) but that was pretty expensive, and we will have the real thing here soon enough. So, I just wanted to post this little tidbit and get it written down. Just for your FYI.