Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today we donated our cars to the Northwest Center. We put our keys and the signed title in the front seat and then left. When we came home the cars were gone, and we had a nice receipt from the donation people. No fuss no muss, and poof the driveway is empty. I had forgotten what an empty driveway even looked like. We didn't donate the Hyundai or the Mazda mind you, we donated our Kia Sephia and the Saturn SL2. Those were the cars we owned but just took up space in our driveway. Neither car was drivable, mostly because I didn't want to spend any more money on either of them. And I didn't really have the time to work on them myself. The Saturn needed front end work and the Kia needed new wires to the starter (I think). But I have lots of other more important things I could be doing with my time, like blogging. If you ever drive your car into the ground, I highly recommend donating it to some local charity. They do all the hard work for you and it's just done.
Although... I am sad to see the Saturn go, since I really enjoyed driving it. And I wish that I could of at least been there when it was loaded up, you know to kind of say goodbye and wish it luck in it's new life as a wrecker. It had 190000 miles on it and it had lived a good long life. My uncle bought it new in 1995, my dad bought it from him and I bought it from my dad, so it was a family car. It seems like I should have been there to tell it that it was apreciated and that it did a great job and would be missed. Instead I just said,"You're Fired! Get out of here! I don't want to see you when I get home!" Oh well, it's only a car right?

Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23

Ok I know that the title to today's post is really lame, but it is all I could think up on short notice. I just got done cooking Ammon some dinner, and he is eating right now contentedly in the dining room, which gives me a chance to write a little something in my blog. I haven't been here in a while but that is probably because there isn't much new to talk about. Ok, that's not entirely true but it is mostly true. There have not been any real exciting changes since my last post but here's what has happened. I took my wife to a little restaurant here in Federal Way called The Lobster Shop for Valentine's Day. They are primarily a seafood place, but they do have some other more typical standbys, like steaks and a pasta dish or two. But seafood is what they do best and they do it very well. We have been there a few times in the past. We sort of stumbled upon it about two years ago, just before we had Ammon. We were down at a local park on Dash Point at about 3pm and just kind of exploring. We had never been to this one. It's not a big place, but it has a long fishing pier and a sandy beach with some covered areas. It's nice. There are houses on both sides of the park. Anyway, there was this one house that we saw many people going in and out of, and upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was a restaurant. since we were hungry and feeling adventurous, we went over for a closer look. At 4pm when it opened, we went in and the hostess asked us if we had a reservation. It is the kind of restaurant where people dress up nice and call to make reservations. Luckily they had an open table for us and we enjoyed their twilight menu, which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys seafood. Look them up, it's called the Lobster Shop. There are actually two restaurants listed on their website, but we like the one at Dash Point.