Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Phone Service

Rachel and I just switched phone service. We were getting tired of how expensive the phone plan was, and how many taxes and fees were being tacked onto the end of our bill. We went from ATT to Boost Mobile. It has been four days now, and aside from a little trouble we both had activating our phones, the service has been great. It is $50/month for unlimited everything. Talk/text/web and all that with no contract. You pay by the month, for a month in advance and if you miss a payment, or decide you don't want the cell phone anymore, you just stop paying. No penalties. Coverage has been uninterrupted so far, and I haven't dropped a call yet. Of course, I haven't really been anywhere yet, so I can't say that it will be perfect but so far so good. I'm hooked. I got the Sanyo Incognito. It has raving mixed reviews if you care to look it up online, but I like it so far. I am still getting used to it, but you have to take into account that my last phone was pretty out-dated, and any kind of upgrade would have required a break-in period.

We looked at getting the Sprint HTC EVO since my brother Aaron got that phone about a month or so ago, and I have to admit, it was pretty tempting. 4G internet is what I use at home with Clear, and so I know how good it is. I am also a big fan of Android (anything that competes with Apple I am a big fan of, but that is a whole other post) and the big touchscreen it has. And for a two year contract you can have the phone for $199.99. Thats a pretty good deal, considering all that it does. But the monthly was like $80/month... Anyway, I did the math and over the two years, the EVO for the both of us would be about $4000, and Boost $2800. We went with Boost.

Oh, and FYI for those of you that care, my phone number hasn't changed.