Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Week in Recap

Last week was my birthday. I turned 28 on the 24th. According to my older brother, who also had a birthday last week, only two more years till I'm officially "dead." He just turned 29, and now has less than a year left till he hits the "big 3-0." Of course we have been saying stuff like that since we were teenagers. Once we hit 20, we're not teenagers anymore, and now, once we hit 30, we are no longer in our prime, and we are supposed to grow up and get responsible and stuff like that. But for me, I have a wife and a one year old son and another baby on the way, I own my own home and do my own laundry and dishes and pay my own bills and stuff, so I guess I'm already pretty responsible. But enough of that...
Last week like I said, I turned 28. I was also on vacation from work the whole week, and you'll never guess what we did. Go ahead, try. If you guessed anything fun, you'd be wrong. We were all sick last week and didn't do anything. I have bronchitis that has mostly cleared up with antibiotics, Ammon had an ear infection and was also on antibiotics and pain meds, and Rachel had a sinus infection, but she has been really bad about taking her medicine. She is worried about the pregnancy. I guess I understand, because this one has been more difficult for her. This time around, she has been more tired and nauseated. With Ammon, it was more energizing than anything else. Anyway, we watched a lot of movies last week 'cause we didn't really leave the house unless we had to. We have a rather large movie collection, since I would rather buy the movie and watch it whenever I want, than see it in the theater once for the same price. We probably have 100 or so, give or take. For my birthday, one of my younger brothers gave me Gremlins. I remember being scared by that movie when I was young, but it only has a PG rating. Now it's like, "Oh you can see the strings that they used to make the puppets move!" And the acting was pretty unbelievable. Not in a good way either. It was pretty funny to remember watching it so many years ago, excited and scared at the same time, only to laugh and poke fun at the animatronics and bad acting now that I'm older. But I find that life is sort of like that too. Not with the animatronics and bad acting, but as I grow up, it's interesting to see the changes in what I think is important, or exciting and worthwhile. I guess maturity will do that to a person...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

It's the new year. 2008. The year where we will see which party gains control of the White House. I am very interested in politics, but I try to keep my politics to myself. I tend to be conservative and Republican, in that order. I say that because lately many of the Republicans that are in office have not been acting in accordance with the conservative principles that I hold near and dear. Small government, lower taxes, national security and capitalism. It's kind of like when that new Superman came out and the writers said "Truth, Justice...and all that other stuff," instead of the "and the American Way." Fairly disappointing. I hope that whichever Rep candidate will fight for my beliefs. If Ron Paul wasn't so isolationist and didn't have two first names and no last name I might consider him. But his foreign policy is loony. Rudy Guillani is really much too liberal on social issues for my taste. Mike Huckaby... I don't know. Taxes and criminals make me think twice about him. I wish that Duncan Hunter had more than a snowball's chance in... well you know. I think I'd vote for him in a second. But he's not a "top tier" candidate so I'd probably just waste my vote. No, I'm gonna have to choose Mitt Romney. I don't think I agree with everything he has done in his political career, but he has had great success both as a governor, and in the private sector. He has "executive" experience, something that many of the other front runners, both Democrat and Republican, do not have. I wish that he had not flip-flopped on his abortion stance, but I think that of the candidates most likely to win the nomination, Mitt Romney is the one that I can most identify with, politically. I'll vote Republican no matter who the nominee is, don't get me wrong, cause even the worst candidate in my estimation would be a thousand times better than any current Democratic nut job. Anyway, what a way to start the new year, huh?