Thursday, November 4, 2010

Potty Training

Today, we started potty training Ammon. I say we, but really it was just me and Ammon. Rachel took Noah out for the day and left us to it. Now my only recollection of potty training comes from my parents house when my dad was working with my younger brother. My dad would let my brother go off and play for a few minutes and then hurry off to go find him to remind him about the potty. He would ask, "Have to go potty? Have to go potty?" And my little brother, who was just settling down to play with toys, would look up and start crying because he knew that he had to get up and run to the bathroom to sit on that potty. But they kept at it and my little bro was toilet trained in a day. And when he finally got it, there were treats and praise and all that stuff.
So far with Ammon, this plan has not worked out so well. Ammon is happy to run to the potty, and pull down his "Boy Big Pants" and sit there for a minute. But that's all he is doing, is just sitting there. I don't think that he quite gets the idea of what he exactly is supposed to be doing while he is on the toilet. Every 15 min or so I'll remind him about the toilet and he runs and get on it. Then he squirms around and plays with the handle, or talks to himself, or flips the shield up and down... Anything except what he is actually supposed to be doing. Then 3 minutes after he is off the pot and doing something else, he starts crying and comes and tells me he's poopy and has urine running down his leg... He did that 3 times today, and never once in the toilet. We'll try again tomorrow I guess. Hopefully we will be more successful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Voted

Did you? Why didn't you vote? No not you, You! Don't you realize how important it is? And don't tell me that one vote doesn't matter, because it does... I don't care whether we agree on the issues, You need to vote! Take an active interest in what is happening to your country! More than just complaining about things when they don't go your way. If you don't care, why should you expect others to?
Oh.... You DID vote? Well good for you!