Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 24

Monday was my birthday. I am officially one year older that I was last year. It doesn't feel any different though. I still feel about the same as I did the day before my birthday. I guess once you hit a certain age, a birthday is just another day when it all comes down to it. We didn't really do anything special on my birthday, but we did go out and watch the latest Harry Potter and then we went to Shari's afterward. In my family, on our birthday, we get to choose what we will have for dinner. This year I didn't really get to do that, since my kids have been so sick recently. We were going to do my birthday dinner on Sunday, but we decided that it would be better for the kids if we just took them home after church. I'll have to come back and edit this post later, because there is more that I would like to add, but I am too tired now and Rachel is stirring in the bed next to me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Post of the New Year

It's officially 2011. That is one year closer to the end of the world, as our financial advisor put it to us this morning as we were going over our investment options. Since it looks like we are not going to start building the house any time soon, we decided to take that money out of our savings account and "put it to work for us." That's another line from the investment guy. Anyway, he seems like he knows what he is doing, so whatever. It's got to make more than just sitting in a savings account, right?
And now that I am on the road to financial freedom (yes I am still jobless), I can focus on the important things in life, like writing in this blog...? I suppose that I have to make a first post sometime. We went to the Pacific Science Center today and became members for a year. It only cost $80, and $75 is tax deductible so we really only spent $68... I don't really understand about the whole tax deductible thing. That is why I am not a very good investor, and why someone else (my wife) does our taxes. But the Science center is cool. If I had my camera I'd post some pictures, but it's out in the car right now and I don't feel like going to go get it at the moment. Mostly because I am not wearing any pants, and the neighbors might think I was a little odd going outside in my underwear. So If I get my camera soon and haven't forgotten all about this post, I will upload some of the pictures I took.