Wednesday, September 19, 2012

25 Random Facts About Me

Random Facts About Me:

1: I am 2 of 9.
2: I think dark chocolate is the greatest thing I have ever put in my mouth.
3: I enjoyed math until Calculus.
4: I own a half an acre of lake-front property that I hardly ever visit.
5: I can fix almost anything, except people.
6: I have a wife and two kids. Almost three. Nov 19.
7: I like turtles. (Have you seen that YouTube video?)
8: ^ False. Turtles are disgusting, but they taste good.
9: My current job is selling computer parts on eBay.
10: I R LDS
11: I am a Republican. With Libertarian tendencies.
12: My favorite car is my 1974 STD VW Bug. It is my work in progress.
13: <= I don't believe in luck. Only promptings.
14: I still think it's funny that Spanish speakers have a hard time with my last name.
15: Both my son's names come from the Book of Mormon. Don't tell Noah.
16: I love the water. Listening to it, swimming in it, floating above it. Love it.
17: I used to weigh a lot less.
18: Santa is as real as you want him to be.
19: God is real, whether you want Him to be or not.
20: I believe in forgiveness.
21: I play video games.
22: My wife doesn't like me to play video games.
23: I'm not a fan of planning ahead. Sometimes I regret this.
24: I am a night owl. It's in my genes.
25: I am still trying to figure out the over-arching story of my life.